Stay-Put® Sunscreen SPF 50

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Stay-Put® System 2 is a formula engineered with a special two-layer protection. One layer penetrates deeper into the skin, and the other layer bonds closer to the skin’s surface. Which means, even if the top layer is wiped off, the underlying layer of protection is still effective. System 2 works well even when applied to thin areas of skin that is then exposed to high heat or humidity – making UV rays a non-issue – even in the most extreme conditions.


  • One application penetrates deeper into skin lasting all day
  • Will not rub offSP12911-498x480
  • Sweat proof
  • Engineered to be effective when combined with the application of Sawyer Insect Repellents
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamins
  • Airline Friendly Sizes
  • Please note: because of its effective two-layer protection, the System 2 formula may feel slightly greasy to the skin when applied.
  • Active Ingredients: Octinoxate, Octisalate, Homosalate, Oxybenzone, Titanium Dioxide

Available Sizes:

[SP1291] – 1 ounce
[SP1502] – 2 ounces
[SP1298] – 8 ounces