Sawyer’s Liposome-based Controlled Technology

tech-repellentFeatured in Sawyer’s Ultra 30 products, liposome-based controlled release repellent is the newest advancement in insect repellent technology. Liposomes were first used to deliver medicine in pharmaceutical lotions because they are very effective at controlling the release of the active ingredient, while remaining gentle to the skintech-lip. Sawyer has applied the same technology to insect repellents to control the release of DEET in its Ultra 30 products.

Similar to the earlier generation of polymer-based controlled release systems, the liposome envelops the DEET and slowly time-releases it as needed, thereby extending the effectiveness of the repellent. Unlike polymers, however, liposomes are a natural compound which is more comfortable to the skin and easier to wear. The liposome base enables Sawyer’s 30% DEET lotion to be non-greasy, with little to no odor. Ultra 30 is also non-staining, resists perspiration, and is effective for up to 11 hours; which makes it one of the best controlled release repellents on the market.

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