Sawyer’s Controlled Release Technology

Sawyer’s Controlled Release Insect Repellents use a patented Sub Micron Encapsulation process by which DEET is captured inside a Micale protein. As shown in the diagram below, tech-repellent1each microscopic particle of protein contains chambers which hold the DEET. Over a period of up to 24 hours your skin slowly dissolves the protein particles. As the particles are dissolved, DEET is released from the chambers for evaporation: the function which keeps the bugs away.

In traditional repellents, all of the DEET is present directly on the skin until it evaporates, which leaves much more of the chemicals to be unnecessarily absorbed. In the Controlled Release formula virtually all of the DEET remains in chambers until it is released. Which means only very minimal amounts of DEET are ever on the skin at any one time for possible absorption.

Sawyer’s controlled release repellent was specially formulated to nestle the small protein particles into the skin, utilizing similar techniques found in today’s most advanced sun blocks. With this method, Sawyer Controlled Release insect repellent provides benefits such as significant water resistance, a non-alcohol, non-greasy dry feel, and long lasting protection. At any point in time you may simply wash the remaining formula off your skin with soap and water.

20 Hour Effectiveness Test on Controlled Release 20% Lotion Formula

20 Hour Effectiveness Test on Controlled Release 20% Lotion Formula

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