SAM Splint™ Protection Kit


iconDon’t let an injury ruin your next outing. The SAM Splint™ is built from a thin core of soft aluminum alloy sandwiched between two layers of closed cell foam. Bent into a simple curve, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any injured limb. It’s also 100% reusable.blist-o-ban button


  • The SAM Splint™ is lightweight: transportable and easy to pack and carry
  • Fits in most standard First Aid kits
  • Flexible in application: One device immobilizes nearly any bone in the body, affixes with any tape or wrap.
  • Reusable: Wipes clean and is easily re-shapeable for another application.
  • A backcountry “Must-Have”Sam-Splint-on-Arm-498x480
  • Also available in stand alone Regular and XL Size.


  • 1 Regular Sam Splint
  • Training DVD
  • Wrap
  • 2 Finger Splints
  • Tape Strips
  • Quick Reference Card



Product FAQs

Do I need to remove the SAM Splint™ during an x-ray?

The SAM Splint™ is radiolucent, almost invisible on x-ray. It should NOT be removed for radiographs (x-rays). It is designed to function through the extreme ranges of normal ambien temperatures. It is waterproof but not fireproof. The closed pore EVA foam will not flash when exposed to flame, but will begin to melt and eventually ignite after approximately 8 seconds. 

How can I clean my SAM Splint™? Cleaning Sam SPLINT

The foam used in the SAM Splint™ was selected for its “cleanability”. Whether cut or used intact, the splint can be cleaned with antiseptic soap and water or with almost any protocol cleaning solution. We suggest an inexpensive 1:9 mixture of commercially available bleach and water. The closed pore polyurethane foam which promotes effective cleaning does not, however, absorb or allow passage of air or perspiration. This does not present a problem during short-term use. If, however, the splint is to be maintained for prolonged periods (hours to days), some absorbent material such as cotton cloth, cast padding, or double tubular stockinette should be placed between the splint and patient to prevent skin maceration and odor. 

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