ChitoSAM Active™


ChitoSam (pronounced kye-toe-sam) is a hemostatic dressing and the best product for treating wounds and lacerations.

ChitoSAM has a long and documented history of internal use in the body. Unlike certain clay alternatives it does not contain any non-degrading minerals or nano-particles which could potentially spread throughout the body and may be more difficult to clean from a wound site. ChitoSAM is easy to clean from the wound without causing unnecessary stress on the wound.

Available in a 4”x 4” single use dressing or a 3” x 6′ z-fold that can be used on larger wounds or cut to size for multiple wounds. blist-o-ban button

Product Details: Screen-Shot-2015-05-20-at-12.05.23-PM-498x480

• Stops bleeding fast

• Contains no clay or nanoparticles – Easier to clean from wound

• Used on battlefields around the world

• Safe, 100% all natural chitosan


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