Could Bottled Water Recalled Over E.Coli Fears Be Fixed By Sawyer Filters?

Gina Space from New York Daily News wrote an article today stating that fourteen different brands of water are being recalled after officials found E.Coli in one of the spring sources for Niagara Bottling. Some of the store brands included Wegmans and Shoprite. Although there weren’t any reports o illness, the company still decided to recall[…]

Sawyer Water Filter Technology

With the technology derived from kidney dialysis, we partnered with a fiber manufacturer to actually improve the hollow fiber membrane technology. In order to improve both the filtration rates and longevity of the filter, our team was dedicated to engineering something even more precise and rugged. To make it a superior solution, the fiber composition[…]

Sawyer’s Controlled Release Technology

Sawyer’s Controlled Release Insect Repellents use a patented Sub Micron Encapsulation process by which DEET is captured inside a Micale protein. As shown in the diagram below, each microscopic particle of protein contains chambers which hold the DEET. Over a period of up to 24 hours your skin slowly dissolves the protein particles. As the[…]

Sawyer’s Liposome-based Controlled Technology

Featured in Sawyer’s Ultra 30 products, liposome-based controlled release repellent is the newest advancement in insect repellent technology. Liposomes were first used to deliver medicine in pharmaceutical lotions because they are very effective at controlling the release of the active ingredient, while remaining gentle to the skin. Sawyer has applied the same technology to insect[…]